20 July 2015

Video. L'Animateur (The Animator) by Nick Hilligoss

L'Animateur (The Animator)
by Nick Hilligoss 
A Jester sets up his portable stage on a barren planet, and compels his puppets to enact an old story. A retelling of the Adam and Eve story from a different perspective.

Originally made for the Stopmoshorts website, where keywords were set every 3 months so we could try to incorporate them into a short film sequence. The keywords were Apple, Tree, and Fall, so it was either this or Isaac Newton. And I couldn't think of where to go after the apple landed on his head...
Instead of a 30 second gag to be be completed by the deadline, , I took a few months longer to make this into an actual short film.
Puppets, sets lighting, camera and animation by Nick Hilligoss. Music composed by John Garden and performed by Earthly Delights, and used with permission.
Produced and directed by Nick Hilligoss 2007.